Tuesday, August 13, 2013

R&B Divos: Luke James "Oh God" feat. Hit-Boy

I've never been a major fan of R&b males.  Correction I've never been a fan of male artists period.  I appreciate the likes of the greats Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles etc etc etc but I prefer the Divas; Whitney, Mariah, Janet, Diana, Patti etc.  Luke James isn't
new to music I've been hearing rumblings about him for a couple of years now and I just brushed it off as him being another artist that will have a 3 year career and vanish.  While people love Miguel I detest the man I loved him when he was unknown without the gimmick.  People are saying he's the face of R&B (for males) but I disagree.  Luke James is bringing REAL R&B back and he's doing it the correct way.  He's building his career with a slow burn that will inevitably grant him longevity in this music industry.  And I love it.  I see the Hype in Luke James now, I see the craft, talent and musical knowledge he possesses.  In my eyes he has a promising future in a genre in which males are hot for a second and then dismissed.  Lets say R.I.P. to all the failed R&B male groups and Solo acts and the ones that decided to turn toward Pop because that's where the money is in this era of music but lets usher in the new generation of Modern/Classical R&B with Luke James.  The true Male face of R&B.