Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jeffery Harrington's Downfall & Predatory Escalation (The Haves and the Have Nots)

I absolutely love Tyler Perry's show The Haves and the Have Nots but the way the character named Jeffery is evolving to be is
annoying, disgusting, and completely detrimental to the image of a Black Gay Male that was originally portrayed in the show.

Jeffery started off as the closeted black gay male that is neither feminine nor hyper masculine.  He was truly portrayed as a "regular" guy.  I for one loved that because every representation of gay men on TV are the  over the top, overly feminine, guys bordering cross dressing / transgenders etc etc etc.  As far as Black Gay Men in media its either the DL asshole passing around H.I.V. , the queen wearing heels and make up, or the black gay that's so fearful of family and the church that he hides who he truly is.  

For once I saw a character (Jeffery) as being "normal"' a black gay man on tv that was able to be accepted without question.  (Yes Noah's Arc had the spectrum of Black Gays in their show but that was years ago,  The LA Complex had a DL Asshole and a Normal but visibly Effeminate gay guy)  But  progressively in the show Jeffery has been changing.  He's become a PREDATORY GAY and that's that last thing we need to see especially for a Black Gay character.  His petulance and refusal to accept that his crush does not want him is only driving him to escalate in dangerous behavior.

Jeffery's crush on his childhood friend Wyatt Cryer has turned from a crush to an obsession.  Dangerous to the point where Jeffery is forcing himself onto Wyatt.  Dangerous enough for him to get in bed with Wyatt while hes sleep.  Dangerous enough for him to become emotionally destructive and explosive at Wyatt's "girlfriend".  Why is Jeffery turning into a predator?  There's no sign that Jeffery has ever dated other guys, or if he's ever had sexual experiences with another male but this attachment to Wyatt is not healthy in the slightest.  Not a his age.

To make matters worse his BITCH of a mother Veronica Harrington is forcing him to stay closeted; speaking for her husband and herself about them not accepting Jeffery's sexuality and will never except it.  He needs to squash it and act "right". "You're a MAN! Be a MAN!"  She's dictating his life telling him not to wear light colors, or jewelry or patterns.  Telling him to get a girlfriend on a deadline because he will not embarrass her or his father.  

I feel like Jeffery's story is going to end badly either with him in a fight, in jail, or committing suicide from rejection and lack of of acceptance and compassion.  If Jeffery had at least one gay friend hell even 1 straight friend that he was open with about his sexuality they would be able to keep him in check; but he doesn't have that.

I went from loving Jeffery to loathing him ...