Friday, August 2, 2013

Ruins of Creation: Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Ruins of Creation   

Chapter 1
Alexandria University

            The silence in the car was deafening as we approached the iron gates. They appeared to be at least twenty feet high and virtually indestructible. In front of us the second car slowed to a stop as the gates opened ominously, giving us passage onto the grounds; welcoming us to our new lives.  
              Demitri and I sat in the back of the car, peering out of the tinted windows; saddened by the murky weather but elated by the prospect of this new chapter in our lives  The rain has been falling all day and it continued to pour as we left our New Jersey town of Haven Brook.
“Charles how much longer do we have, I have to use the bathroom?” Demitri asked with an annoyed expression upon his face, as he sucked his teeth.  I glanced at Demitri briefly then rolled my eyes as I pulled out my phone and imitated the voice command. 
“Deacon.”   The phone dialed his number and quickly he answered.             
“Pull over and go home we no longer need your assistance. “
Our parents aren’t here right now Deacon. Do as I say. Now.  Pull over and get the hell out of our way.” I ended the call and looked into the rear view mirror into the eyes of our driver and friend. 
“Charles speed up please.” 
“As you wish Master Kai.”     
“You know not to call me that Charles. Deacon and Leazle will be heading home now, you can speed up. Thank You.”
I winked at Demitri who was watching my conversation in the rear view mirror. 
“You know the parents are going to be pissed that we sent the guards back right.” Demitri stared out of the window at the car on the right shoulder of the road.  “As if you and I care...” We both began laughing knowing that we could care less what our parents would say when they found out I dismissed our guards.  I saw a smirk flit across Charles’ face briefly at the comment. 
Demitri and I were rarely allowed to leave our gated community so the lack of nice weather conditions and unnecessary security was literally raining on our parade. 
I don’t appreciate it.
It's odd that neither of us has ever been to the wondrous state of New York considering it's so close to us but our parents never allowed it.   We were always guarded and sheltered.  Why?  We don’t know.  But, who needs the joys of New York City when your best friend lives right next door; and you sleep together almost every night.
No really just sleep, no funny business.
Charles sped up as requested. 
I looked out of the rear window, watching the gates as they started to disappear into the ominous fog that was starting to overtake everything.
I was singing one of my favorite songs “When Dreams Come true” when I heard it.
 “Stop the car!” 
The yell came from out of nowhere, startling us all.  The tires screeched as Charles hit the brakes, with a frantic look on his face. 
“What’s wrong sir?” Charles asked.  I was staring at Demitri livid. 
What the hell is his problem? 
Before I could say anything, Demitri jumped out of the car and ran into the fog. 
UGH….What’s going on?
I unbuckled my seatbelt and ran after Demitri; taking my extra large clear umbrella with me. 
“Charles stay here, I’m gonna go get him.” I assured him as I ran into the woods. 
What the fudge is wrong with him? Argh. THE WOODS!  WOODS! REALLY?
Obviously I was angry as I ran into the foggy wooded area.  I’ve never been a fan of nature and it’s dirty, bug inhabited, and creepy self.
I screamed as I tumbled towards the ground.  My shoe was caught under a protruding root of a large tree.  “Demitri where are you?” I yelled as I got off of the ground, brushing off my Gucci trench coat.
I just bought this damn thing. Ugh. I’m gonna kick his curly haired ass. I thought as I listened for a response.
Demitri didn’t respond. 
All I could hear was the faint sound of the engine running and the cawing of a crow.  Slowly I lifted the umbrella and walked further into the woods. 
“Demitri, Demitri!” …
Still there was no answer.
Where is he
I stopped abruptly. 
Someone was watching me.  I could feel it.
“Hello”, I said looking around.  The snap of a fallen branch made me jump.
I gasped and struggled as a pair of arms locked around my body.  Instinctively, my karate lessons kicked in and I reached over my head, wrapping my arms around the neck of whoever was holding onto me and threw the person over my shoulder, onto the ground. 
I wobbled slightly from the amount force it took to toss the person.

The adrenaline was surging through my body as I raised the umbrella ready to strike but I was once again on the cold wet ground. 
“Kai what is your problem?” Demitri yelled staring at me. 
“What’s my problem? What’s my problem?   Why the HELL did you jump out of the car like that?”            My words came out as acrid as venom. 
Demitri’s eyes narrowed as he positioned himself, “I had to piss you asshole.  I don’t have to explain myself to you lest we forget, or agreement.” 
I paused.
Our Agreement, what…?
I was staring blankly at him, and then understanding flourished in my mind. I could tell that there was something sinister about the look in my eyes. “Demitri” I said quietly as I got off of the ground and helped him up. 
“That’s all you had to say, instead of running out of the car like a crazed commoner.  Also ‘lest’ you want me to report to the parents about ‘you know what’ don’t cross me Snook. And you’re buying me a new coat.” I pushed Demitri back on the ground and strutted away into the dense fog.
Kai’s coat was hanging over the front seat when I got back into our car.
I know you’re pissed with me.
No one spoke as the car started up the road again.  Slyly I kept looking over at Kai whose face was stone cold and hard with no air of present emotion.
Damn.  I didn’t mean to mess up this day.
“Don’t touch me Demitri”, Kai hissed as I reached for his hand.  I rolled up the car’s privacy window in order to talk to Kai.
“Kai look at me.” I said placing my hand on Kai’s chin and guiding him to sit face to face with me.  Kai looked at me with his right eyebrow raised, waiting for him to speak.
Him and that damn perfectly arched brow.
I pulled Kai into my arms and whispered in his ear.
“I’m sorry Oogie, I came out my face for no reason.  Forgive me. Please. You know I love you.”
Kai’s response was flat as he tried to turn away. I wouldn’t let him.  I kept my grip firm and forceful as I kissed Kai full on the mouth exchanging the warm and wet passion of our love and friendship. 
Kai gasped as he stroked my face.
Got him.
“I love you too,” Kai said. “And you’re still buying me a new coat.” 
Together we laughed ecstatically as I let the privacy divider down.

“Are you two okay now?” Charles asked.  “Yes”, they said smiling at him.