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Ruins of Creation: Chapter 1 (Part 2)

Ruins of Creation
By: Martrel A . Howard

Kai and Demitri gazed out of the windows in silence as they continued driving threw the blanket of fog. The lack of sound around this eerie frontier left them feeling sober and slightly drained.  It felt like the fog was draining them of their energy.  Kai and Demitri began yawning uncontrollably, until they finally fell asleep. 
The weather didn’t improve as Charles continued to drive along the expansive winding road; it was cast in shadow by the large assortment of trees (Oak, Maple, Willows, Birch, and gorgeous Japanese Cherry Blossoms) that lined the solitary road as far as he could tell everything else was surrendered covered in the overcast of the fog. 
Forty minutes later the boys began to wake in time to see that the fog was beginning to lift as they rounded a large bend in the road. 
“Charles, where are we?” Kai asked groggily as he stretched out with pleasure in his voice.  “Almost there look ahead”, he said.  Kai stared, as they drove down the straight three-mile long stretch of road lined by two expansive lawns appearing to be acres wide.
Kai pushed Demitri. 
“Get up” he yelled.  Demitri shock harshly trying to focus his vision, “What, what are you…” Kai made Demitri look out of the front window.  The boys were gawking opened mouthed.
They finally saw it.
Alexandria University.
“We’re finally here”, Kai said as he glanced over to Demitri who had a sly grin on his face.  “It’s about damn time,” Demitri said.
It was growing more and more as they approached.  Charles pulled in on the other side of the round-about right in front of the grand staircase leading into Alexandria Tenim; the main building on campus that every department resided in. 
“Lets go” Kai said opening his door.  They all exited the Lincoln Town car. Demitri and Kai were taking in the beautifully constructed building.  Meanwhile Charles had gone to the trunk to fetch their suitcases. 
“Thank you Charles, you know you don't have to do that,” Kai said as he walked to the trunk reaching for his bag, but Charles pulled it back.  The harsh movement took Kai aback. 
“It is my job sir, my pride is in my duty so I shall do what I am trained to do” Charles replied as he saw Kai's surprised face because of Charles' action. “Just let me do it Kai, it's no trouble at all boy” Charles said winking at Kai. Kai gaped at Charles with a contorted face as he tried to think of a fitting retort.
Demitri turned around towards the both of them, “Charles we are big boys, we can carry our own bags, just give them to us please; besides you won't be around to do much for us anymore so enjoy your long over due break ok,” Demitri said as he took the suitcases out of Charles' hands and handed one to Kai.
Kai slightly buckled under the weight of his large suitcase.  Ugh, why do I have so many damn shoes?  He steadied himself and smiled at Charles’ weary glance.
Charles no longer objected to this as he stared at the boys.  His eyes were steadily getting glossy.  “Are ya’ll going to be alright up here?  You know I can come up whenever you need me.” Charles said in a low tentative voice.  “Of course we gonna be ok.  Besides we’ll be back next month after our cars get up here.” Demitri said looking from Kai to Charles.
The three of them spoke for a minute more before Charles gave the boys goodbye hugs.  “Call us when you get back home so we can know you got back safe” Kai said.  Charles nodded before getting into the car and driving away down the long drive of Alexandria Lane. 
Kai and Demitri watched Charles drive away until they could see him no more. Kai spoke, “I hope he's ok.  I would hate for them to drive him crazy now that we're gone.”
            “He'll be fine; he gets to relax now that he's not shackled to us anymore. Come on, we need to check in” Demitri said looking at Kai.  “Time to rule the school again”, Kai said with a sly look on his face.  They both laughed as the strutted towards the stairs with their luggage.
They walked up the stairs with such grace that it seemed like their suitcases were as light as air Demitri pushed open the heavy oversized doors allowing Kai to walk in ahead of him.  “Thanks Snook,” Kai said as he passed Demitri.  Both of them stopped in their tracks.  The room was cast in a bright golden glow due to the gold ceiling and golden statues of mythological creatures and deities that surrounded this expansive room.  
Demitri looked strange. 
“What’s wrong with you?” Kai asked.  Demitri’s face was stern, “I just feel as small as you now in this room.” His stern face turned into a glowing smile.  Kai rolled his eyes and started walking again saying; “Bitch” very audibly with an errant chuckle in his throat.
As they walked up to what appeared to be the Information Desk; a large three sided desk in the shape of and ‘A’ there was a young female that appeared to be a freshman also, caught their attention.  “Where the hell is this person” Demitri sighed to Kai. “I’m tired I want to get to our room.”  Kai wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying.  His focus was on the girl.
She was sitting on one of the uncomfortable looking gold painted benches.  Although she was sitting down she seemed to be about 5' 7”.  Her caramel colored skin was quite beautiful and flawless; she was almost glowing.  She was pretty, her milk chocolate eyes and curly shoulder length hair made her look almost child-like. The girl's eyes shifted towards Kai and Demitri.    
“We have to wait, for the attendant to come back.  She took a group of students to the dorms.” The girl spoke. 
“Thanks, y is it so empty in here and out front?” Demitri said spotting the rainbow scarf that was wrapped loosely around her left wrist, as he looked her over.  She's cute. “I guess they’re all out there”, she said pointing to a glass door across the room from them.
Demitri barely moved as he nudged Kai.  “I know” Kai said under his breath knowing that he was referring to the gay symbol adorning her wrist.  
Kai walked over to the girl and sat next to her.  “So you're a lesbian Hun?” Kai inquired appraising the girl looking ever so interested in her hair.  “No tracks, good sign.  Could use some toning moisturizer but that’s easily remedied.”
The female turned her head towards the left so that she was face to face with Kai.  He slightly gasped at her action.  Her expression was blank but full of so much intimidating intensity. “Yes I am do you have a problem with that?” she questioned him, peering through his eyes as if she was trying to see his true intentions behind the question. 
This slightly made Kai uncomfortable and he shifted his body back a little before composing himself.  He slid a little closer to her. 
“It would be quite hypocritical of me to have a problem with how you live your life considering I'm 'strictly dickly',” he said smiling at her. 
Demitri burst out laughing as he stood in front of them.  “I’m mad you said that ‘Strictly Dickly’, Demitri said still laughing.   She laughed also seemingly more relaxed and at peace.  Her eyes were soft now, warm and compassionate.
 “That's great, I'm not alone now.  My name is Kiyren Delaine.” Kai smiled at her, “my name is Kai Donovan.”  Kiyren replied, “Nice to meet you.  And you are…?” directing the question at Demitri. 
“My name is Demitri Jones, Kiyren.” 
Eh Hem 
The desk attendant had returned.
The three of them turned with such intensity in their eyes as they turned to see where the sound came from.  It was apparent that these three were cut from the same cloth so to speak.  They were confident and contrite with their being.  There movements were a true definition of who they were destined to become.   
They walked up to the desk as the squat woman prepared her station.
“May I help you?” she said. 
Kiyren stepped forward first.  “Kiyren Delaine.”  Kai watched her.  “She’s quite manly.  I wonder if she can walk in heels.  Hmm. At least she has a dress on.” He watched her as he pondered. 
The woman searched through the computer that lay upon her desk and searched through a box behind her desk.  A minute later she said with an envelope in her hand, “Ah, Ms. Delaine here's your class schedule, and the key to your room.  You are on the 4th floor of Conlin Hall. You have a single.  Next please.” She said delightfully with a smile looking at the boys. 
Kiyren moved to the right to let Kai and Demitri check in.  Demitri was scrutinizing the woman.  What the hell is she wearing? Seriously, polka dots and plaid sweetie you need some help.  Even white women shouldn't wear blue eye shadow.  Ugh, get your hair done.
Kai nudged Demitri, “Stop that” he said as if he could hear Demitri.  Demitri merely smiled and turned back to the lady. 
“Demitri Jones and Kai Donovan.” He said, flashing a sultry smile to her.
            “Ooh Mr. Jones and Mr. Donovan we've been expecting you.  She opened a locked box that was on her desk and took out a solitary binder.  You are in Conlin Hall, floor 5-apartment number 1.  Your keys and class schedules are inside of the binder as well a contact list for any of the facilities that you may be in need of.”  She said. 
Kai took the binder then all three of them picked up their bags.  The attendant walked from behind the desk and said,
“Follow me please.”
The three of them picked up their belongings and followed her out of the back entrance of the building.  Kai stopped walking.  Something interesting caught his eye.  “Excuse me” he said.  Everyone stopped and looked at him.  “Yes dear”, the woman said.
“What is this? On the floor I mean, what does it mean?” he asked.  He was staring at the floor there was a picture of a large ornate letter ‘C’. 
She smiled, “You’ll learn about that at Orientation later on tomorrow at 12 pm.  Anyway there’s a legend here about the city of Creation.  This was the symbol of the royals of Creation, The Elders; the creators of all magical and cosmic power.  It is said that Alexandria lies on the remains of the old city, but no one has ever found it.  But like I said you will hear all about it at orientation.  It’s kind of a school legacy.”  Hmm.  Kai pondered her words and followed behind as they started walking again.  His eyes were transfixed on the symbol.
 They stepped out of the back door and were completely dumbfounded.  “Oh wow”, Demitri Said.  “This is so pretty”, Kiyren said.
  They were standing at the top of the staircase over looking a beautiful garden maze the size of a football field surrounded by campus buildings. They snapped out of their inadvertent daze and continued following the lady downstairs.  Everyone stopped as two suitcases went rolling down the stairs.  Kiyren was looking smug when everyone looked at her.  “Hey they’re just clothes” and continued walking down the stairs.  Kai was smiling broadly.
“Excuse me, what is your name?” Kai asked.
She stopped at the bottom step and turned towards them, “My name is Solara.  I’m the campus Information Distributor as well as the Student Affairs coordinator.”   She said as she continued walking to the left, towards the nearest building. 
There were people everywhere apparently enjoying this dreary day.  “I’m going to need him to put some clothes on,” Kiyren said looking at a young Hispanic man who was playing with a basketball shirtless.  “Honey please”, Kai and Demitri said in unison.  They swiftly walked through the crowd until they got to their building.  Conlin Hall read the sign on the building.  They walked up to the entrance that had a creepy looking gargoyle above it. 
“This is Conlin Hall; I trust you can find your way around. Have a nice day,” said Solara as she walked away waving. 
“Thanks”, Demitri said.

 “Let’s go guys,” Kiyren said.

Chapter 2 Coming Soon...