Friday, September 6, 2013

Ruins of Creation: Chapter 3 (Part 2)

Ruins of Creation

Kai noticed two sliding doors to the left that had to be his closet.  He walked over and opened the doors to make sure.  The doors were open, exposing a fully stocked walk-in closet.  Kai walked into the carpeted room aghast.  He looked to his left and right at the eight, seven feet long rods that held who knows how many shirts, pants and coats.
The left side of the room was devoted to t-shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, and coats.  The right side housed jeans, pants, and suits.  Kai walked to the mirrored back wall to look at the over sized chest on the floor that spanned the width of the room. 
He opened the chest and stood back.  Something dark was rising out of it.  He was amazed.
“What in the hell?”
he said as he examined his shoe locker.  That’s cool though but come on really.  There were forty pairs of shoes neatly organized in the bookcase.  He pushed down on one of the shelves and his shoes were beginning to descend back into the chest.  Kai turned and walked out of the closet closing the doors behind him.
Directly across from the closet on the other wall were two more bay windows under which was a long dresser.  The blinds were closed so it wasn’t as bright in the room as it was in the living room.  Kai walked over to examine his curtains.  They made him happy.  Black out curtains.  Great.  There is nothing worse than being woken up by the bright ass sun in the morning.  He sniggered to himself.
  The bed was in the middle of the room.  It was only a full size.  Kai laid on it, and stretched out.  I prefer my king sized at home but whatever, it’s just a bed.  He got off the bed leaving the blue, black, and white bedding wrinkled. 
            He picked up his tote bag off of the floor and placed it onto his bed.  He bent over it and searched for his toiletries before heading into his personal bathroom, which was to the left of his closet.
            He walked through the door and turned on the light using the switch on the right side of the wall.  The bathroom was as big as the closet. It was adorned in one inch multicolored glass tiles of blue and green. 
To the right of the room was a large mirror bordered in chrome.  Underneath it was a pair of clear floating sinks made of glass, which had chrome fixtures.  On the other side of the mirror and sinks was a sliding door that concealed the toilet and bidet. 
The side opposite of the bathroom door stood a jetted tub with a glass enclosure that extended to the ceiling.
            Kai stripped down and started to brush his teeth.  Devon was so cute. His voice omg it made me tingle all over. I felt like I was melting.  Ouch!  He looked in the mirror his mouth was bleeding.  He was brushing his teeth too hard.  He rinsed out his mouth with mouthwash.  He hissed as it burned his gums but the bleeding stopped. 
When he was done he looked at himself in the mirror, scrutinizing his features.  One would call him conceited but he's just very aware of how he wants to look to himself and others.
He stared at the nude double of himself in the reflection.  It was five feet and eight inches tall, and brown skinned.  His toned yet muscular physique was accentuated more by his ripped abs. 
Looking good hot stuff he thought and chuckled staring into his beautiful brown eyes.
That's when it happened. 
Images flashed through his head just as they had earlier. They were clear but still unclear.
            “What's wrong with you?” he said to his reflection.  He was gripping the edge of the counter so tightly that his nails were beginning to dig into it.  He calmed himself and turned on the rainfall showerhead and got in.
            Kai opened a box of Irish Spring soap and started caressing his body.  He was confused by the images he’s been seeing recently.  Am I losing me mind or something?  Should I go home?  What did is see?  I think there was a column.  Yea a column Corinthian style I think. Kai was deep in thought.
            Ten minutes later Kai exited the bathroom wearing a pair of green and white boxer briefs from H&M.  He got in the bed and laid there. So Kiyren and Fox got shocked. Then Devon, mmm Devon.  Wait focus. Devon introduced himself. Then Belle, his twin got in m face. Ugh. How can she be Devon’s sister he’s soo gorgeous, and nice.  He’s beautiful and sweet and sexy.
            Something was stirring under Kai’s cover, trying to rip through.  It would push up and fell back down every couple of seconds.  I would date him.  Definitely.  He could share my bed whenever. He can hold me.  Caress me. Trace my neck with his lips.  The thing under the covers was increasingly trying to be released from under the cover. 
Devon.  Yes Kai. Do you love me?  Yes, of course I do. Prove it.  The cover was falling off of his body exposing his glistening chest.  Kai was breathing heavily.  Oh Devon. Devon where are you?
            Kai gasped as he tossed on the bed completely sleep.  His member was still violently throbbing in his H&M briefs.  The gooey substance on his right hand oozed onto the floor as his arm hung over the bed.

            “GET UP!  THEY'RE HERE!”

            “DAMIEN NO!!!!”


            Kai stirred in his sleep clawing at the air fighting off an invisible foe.  Something was wrong.  Where had Devon gone?
            “Hello, where am I? What's going on?” Kai asked one of the figures.  No one was listening to him they were all trying to flee for safety. 
Kai turned to see what everyone was afraid of. He saw it very clearly, a creature more grotesque than any mutated horror creature he'd ever seen.  It was glowing a murky green color; dripping with mucus.  The creature’s head focused on Kai and bared its razor sharp teeth.  It let out a piercing screech.  Kai started to run.  Where?  He didn’t know.  He was just trying to get away.
            “This way. Kai, come on now.” Said the stranger now clutching his hand and pulling him forward.
            “What? What is that thing?  Where the hell am I?” Kai yelled eyes wide with fear as they hid behind one of the many Corinthian pillars that lined this enormous room.
            “Don't worry about that right now.  It can’t hurt you. Now Kai listen to me.”  Kai wasn’t paying attention his head was moving from side to side as if he were trying to wipe this event out of his head. The man forceful held Kai’s face toward his and began to speak to him again very carefully and clearly.  “You have to get ready.  Find the others you will need them in order to complete your mission. Your destiny awaits you. Embrace your powers.”

Powers?! WTF MAN!

Kai looked confused, scared and agitated he was almost manic when he stood up and said, “Who are you?  What are you talking about?” as he pushed the man away from him.  There was a loud crash.  Something had pierced the man’s left shoulder.

The mysterious man threw Kai to the ground out of the way of danger.  He felt a searing pain in his knee.  “What's…are you okay?” he hissed as he held his blood soaked knee.
The creature had found their hiding spot.  Kai was scurrying back, sliding on the ground in pain. The man jumped in front of Kai path as if protecting him from the monster’s view.  Kai heard someone yell something. The creature charged at the two of them at once.  The mystery man yelled, “KAI WAKE UP

Kai was hovering six inches above his bed drenched in sweat.

NOW!!! Kai.  WAKE UP NOW!!!” 

The man maneuvered his arms sending a flood of water towards the glowing creature.
            Kai's eyes flashed open. He had fallen out of the sky onto the bed and bounced to the floor with a bang.
Demitri and Kiyren looked towards Kai’s room because of the sound.  “Kai are you okay?” he heard Demitri ask from the other room.  “I’m fine” he yelled.
Kai was curled on the floor sobbing and wet.  What the hell was that, he thought.  He got off of the floor and took another shower trying to figure out what had happened within his dream.
            Destiny?  What destiny?  Who was that man?  What was that creature?  Was that really a dream?  How did he make that water appear?  I must be losing it. Kai thought as he finally exhaled.

            “Kai dinner is ready” called Demitri from the living room.  Kai got out of the shower, dried off, then put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and walked out of the bedroom.

Chapter 4 Coming Soon...