Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How To Lose Respect: Kelly Price Edition

This series will follow people who have lost the respect of their peers and fans.  I'm going to have to start with Kelly Price.

Now All of us that love and adore R&B Divas, knows what it is to watch a spiteful bitter troll on TV aka Nicci Gilbert.  Going into R&B Divas LA everything looked awesome until Kelly Price decided to throw away her Christian values and act a pure fool on television embrace the 'mean spirited bitch; within.  

This has turned me off for the simple fact that Kelly Price is one of those artist that I have loved and adored from her first album until now.  Her voice is phenomenal, she appeared to be so humble but on this show I've lost all respect for her.  I can no longer say that I am a FAN of her as a person or as an artist.  I can't even listen to her music right now.  The same thing happened with R. Kelly I just can't get down with him like that anymore and it's been years since his scandal.

Here are some comments i've made in regards to Kelly on Facebook:

"oh please Kelly Price can cry about how she's portrayed on R&B Divas LA all she wants but if you don't wanna look like a bitch on tv then don't be a bitch on tv. it is just that simple. You clearly didn't care about your image when those cameras were in your face and you still didn't care in those confessionals after the show was done filming so own the fact that you are a bitch on tv...its your own fault, you messed up your own brand. Don't blame editing... when will these divas learn ugh"

"No seriously if Faith was apart of the R&B Divas LA cast she woulda shut Kelly DOWN. Friends or not she woulda got her ass all the way together and put her in her place."

"Chante shoulda punched Kelly in the face more than 3 times during this episode especially when Kelly pulled out the boots...

 I stood behind her and understand where shes coming from but her deliver is so just like this was your idea but chante and mo clearly put all the work into it, you're too "busy" doing who knows what to even show up to rehearsals so what are you really mad about"

Lets break this down and clock all of the strikes Kelly has made thus far.

***She is unprofessional and if she really had a problem with Fred she would have scheduled a separate meeting with just her and him to get the situation straightened out.  Matter of fact you MANAGER should have handled that situation.***

Strike 1/2:  Kelly in every confessional is a cocky, remorseless, bitchy mess 

Strike 1:  You invited these women to Vegas for this Broadway in the Hood thing and you don't show up.  Then the day later you're like "oh I shoulda warned ya'll".  Lil mo's reaction said it all.

Strike 2:  Chante tells you face to face that she's bringing a producer in to talk to ya'll and from the jump you're defensive.  Kelly if this is your project you should have had all of the producers, director, musical director, staff, staging, venue and all of that shit together before you got these women involved.

Strike 3:  Lil Mo tells Kelly and Dawn about Fred and Kelly is rolling her eyes and talking about she wants to meet this guy.  Bring your ass to rehearsal.

Strike 4:  The first rehearsal Kelly and Dawn come too Kelly is like why is Fred running this rehearsal?  Someone has to.  We don't know what we're doing and he's guiding us.  What is your problem Kelly?

Strike 5:  Both Kelly and Dawn act like Lil Mo and Chante didn't tell y'all about Fred. "I didn't know anything about Fred".

Strike 6:  "So is Fred Fired?"  "I'm busy we don't have to do it."  "If someone would have considered my schedule"  Kelly who the hell has your schedule??? Where is your manager/husband that runs your schedule  if you are not there?  So you want us to sit here and do nothing like we don't have lives and brands of our own? No bitch. "My calendar is booked either way." Really what are you doing Kelly... an open mic night girl really...

Strike 7:  Kelly is being disrespectful to Fred then got in his damn face.

Strike 8:  Kelly told Fred to excuse himself. "Please don't address them without addressing me."

Strike 9:  Confronting Chante, trying to buck for the Alpha position.  (Kelly where are the signed contracts?)

Strike 10:  "Let me know where I can buy a ticket."  You seriously just tried to decimate Chante's resume and relevance because you think you're the shit.  First of all Kelly you have no Grammy's for your own songs.  Lets not forget after you were an established artist you were reduced to sing background for Mariah Carey;  a REAL DIVA.  don't get it twisted you're not better than anyone.

Strike 11:  "So who's being combative now?"  Bitch Chante is not being combative at all she's telling you what it is. Chante is not two faced nor have when seen or even have been inclined to infer that Chante talks behind your back.  She is too classy for that.  And you won't sit here and try to punk Chante.  She clearly isn't scared of you.  Kelly is so damn threatened by Chante.

Strike 12:  You did all this fighting about Fred but you never even asked or secured Torrey's high school production ass?  Seriously Kelly. Are you dead ass right now? Ok see you're not about shit.  It is is now clear why you've not had a platinum album since the beginning of your career.

Strike 13: Boots, Vaseline and a Straight edge.  You just threatened Chante.  Not to her face but in front of Lil Mo and the Men.   Chante should have bucked right there you don't challenge a person like that.  If you're about that life and feel that way Bitch do something about it, Fight me.

Kelly's passive aggressive bullshit is just that. Bullshit.