Friday, August 16, 2013

Ruins of Creation: Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Ruins of Creation   

Chapter 2
The Storm

Demitri held the door for Kiyren and Kai as they entered Conlin Hall. 
“Wow”, Kiyren said.  It was interesting; the walls were lined with ceiling high bookcases, small café tables and chairs that were scattered around with no sense of pattern.  Kai was looking around at the people as they walked pass.  There were a lot of happy faces of the exuberant youth.  Freedom was in the air.  “This must be the common area of the building; I mean we could do most anything down here.
Cool”, he said. 
Demitri was staring ahead of them over the heads of a couple people.  “I wonder what that is over there”, pointing as he spoke to Kai and Kiyren.  Their eyes followed his finger towards the other side of the room where there was only a revolving door beside to large doors with two elevators on either side of them.  Kiyren shrugged saying, “You wanna check it out, or wait ‘til later?”  Kai responded for Demitri, “We can after we get settled in, lets head upstairs.”
  They walked along the hall admiring the many books and people interacting in the space.  Jock, Goth, Nerd, Christian hehehe, Kai’s thoughts were swimming ass he looked at all of these unfamiliar people.
  The giant crystal chandelier hanging in the middle of the room particularly intrigued Kai, or at least he hoped it was made with crystals, they can't possibly be diamonds hmmm, he thought.
Kiyren stopped abruptly causing Demitri and Kai to bump into each other.  Kai dropped his suitcase on his foot.  “Ouch. What's wrong?” Kai asked looking at her quit put off. 
“She's gorgeous.  I mean I know you don't like chicks, but I'm sure you can still appreciate the beauty of a woman.  Chick is sexy” Kiyren said licking her lips.  Demitri’s eyes lit up by Kiyren’s words.  I like her even more now; my kind of girl.
Kai on the other hand was quite disturbed by the look that was on Kiyren’s face.  Um, eww, she’s looks like she want to pounce on her like a hungry lion.  That is so not attractive.  Put your damn tongue back in your mouth and act like a lady.  Kai snapped out of his thoughts.   “Um, yea she’s cute I guess” he said with a pained grin that feigned disgust as they looked at her.
Clearly this female enthralled her.  The girl had long wavy light brown hair, big dark cat like eyes and a sun kissed skin tone.  She had to be a good five feet six inches tall”.  She was sitting at a small table with another female and a guy. 
“Hello to you too” the female said, catching their stares.  Kai and Demitri shifted uncomfortably, diverting their eyes but Kiyren walked right up to the girl’s table.  Demitri and Kai exchanged a look before following her to the table.
“Hi, I'm Kiyren, what’s your name?”   The female smiled at them.  Damn her teeth a perfect.  Mmm I want to kiss her, Kiyren could feel her nipples getting stiff and a tingling feeling was resonating from her lower region.  The girl smiled as she caught sight of Kiyren’s now protruding nipples.
“You can call me Fox.” She said standing up to shake Kiyren's hand.
The lights in the room blinked for a second. 
Something strange happened when they touched, a strong shock flashed through their arms causing them to hiss.  “Aaaa” they moaned.  The other female’s head shot up at the noise.  She flashed her glaring eyes at them as she stroked the ornate sapphire ring that was on her right middle finger.  That looks kind of familiar hmm, Kai thought.
 “Shoot that hurt” both girls said retracting their arms. 
Kai touched Kiyren on the shoulder, “Are you ok?” 
She continued looking into Fox's eyes, “I'm fine, just static.”  She smiled at Fox.
Demitri stepped forward, “If u say so, anyway I'm Demitri and this is Kai.  We're freshman.  Who are you?” Demitri inquired to the people sitting at the table. 
The boy looked across the table waiting for the other girl to speak but she didn’t.  He rose as with his eyes locked onto Kai.  “I'm Devon, Devon Atilecia” speaking only to Kai with smoldering eyes in a baritone voice that was vibrating through Kai’s body. 
Demitri felt a twinge in his stomach.  Kai slightly blushed. Devon is a cutie. Chocolate brown skin, he's obviously a pretty boy, look at those hazel eyes. OMG look at those arms he's so muscular.  Mmm, can you hold me? He must be 5'9” he's only about an inch taller than me, oh crap wasn't he talking to me he thought. 
Kai blushed more than he's ever done (Demitri noticed this and clinched his jaw) then he extended his hand towards Devon, “It's nice to meet you Devon. I'm Kai Donovan this is my best friend Demitri Jones.” Devon shook Demitri's hand also.  Demitri gripped Devon’s hand as tightly as he could but Devon merely smirked as him as he all but crushed Demitri’s hand.  He smirked at the sound Demitri made when they released each other. Get ya strength up son. Devon thought.  Demitri shook out his hand as he glared at Devon.  Damn it man he growled to himself.
Devon turned back towards Kai, “So, we’re all freshmen also” he gestured towards Fox and the other girl.  “So Kai, how are you? Where are you from? Do you have time to have a little dialogue?”  Devon was once again penetrating Kai with his eyes.
Kai slightly giggled then cleared his throat, “Well I’m good actually, Um we’re from Jersey.”
Devon smirked and licked his lips as he said, “You left out an answer.”  I Know Kai thought.  “Well, Yea I do I have for...”
The female seated at the table rose from her chair and walked towards the others between Devon and Fox while saying, “We are busy and frankly I despise lesser beings such as yourselves’. Go find some other people to annoy”. They all looked at her.
 Kai thought, did this bitch just call me a lesser being?  Demitri looked livid “Bitch who the hell you think you’re calling a ‘lesser being?’  Devon’s turned on Demitri, “Fall back and watch your mouth when you address my sister.  She may have come at you wrong but she didn’t curse at you”  “Fuck outta here kidd”, Demitri said advancing on Devon. 
Kai stepped in front of Demitri.  “Cut it out.  What are you doing?  We haven’t even been here an hour and you trying to get into a fight.  Calm down” he said in a low voice.  Demitri sucked his teeth as he was staring Devon down.  Devon merely smiled at Demitri.  Kai turned around to see that she was scowling at him, Demitri, and Kiyren. 
“Play nice Belle” Devon said in a weightless tone.  “I apologize for my twin sister, she's a bit irritating if u know what I mean” Devon said once again only to Kai sending a wink his way.  Kai smiled and started to stare at his hands as he visualized how soft Devon's lips were.  Demitri nudged him, “cut it out”. 
Belle saw the wink and approached Kai as if she wanted to fight him.  Kiyren stepped in front of Kai, “You have something to say?”  Belle glared at her as Kai guided her out of his way.  “It’s ok Kiyren”.
I don't like this chick.  There's something wrong with her.  She's not right. Kai thought.  He looked her in the eyes and said, “It's nice to meet you Belle,” holding his hand out waiting for her to grab hold of it. 

To Be Continued...