Friday, August 23, 2013

Ruins of Creation: Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Ruins of Creation
By: Martrel A . Howard

She glanced down at it, disgust etched all over her face.  Fox nudged her, “Go ahead you can’t dislike a person you haven’t even tried to get to know Belle”.  
Belle grudgingly decided to take his hand, still looking as if she loathed him. 
“I’m Belle” 
When they touched their eyes glazed over and their faces were blank.  Both of them froze like statues. Flashes of images reeled through Kai's head, too fast for him to comprehend or understand what had happened.  
“Kai?  Hello?” Demitri shook Kai frantically trying to get him to respond.
“Belle!  Say something” Devon was shaking her.  Her eyes rolled back. 
People began screaming as a massive wind forced open the entrance doors.  Kai and Belle were dead on their feet, hands still clutched.   Demitri gripped Kai’s hand.  “Let go of her damn it.  Kai snap out of it,” The wind was blowing stronger and the sky was turning dark as the clouds glided fast over the building.  Devon clutched Belle’s Hand pulling her as Demitri pulled Kai.  “Fox help me,” Devon yelled.  Fox held onto Devon’s arm pulling as strong as she could.  Kiyren grabbed Demitri’s arm pulling as hell. 
People we’re running all over the place trying to find a safe place to hind.  “Everyone stay calm, Stay Calm. Go into the café. Hurry” Solara said as she ran into Conlin Hall; ushering students to the other side of the room.  Solara spotted Kai and Belle and gasped. 
“What’s wrong with them?” she yelled as she ran over to them.  “We don’t know they won’t talk.  Look at their eyes.  We can’t get them to let go of each other” Kiyren cried.
There was chaos in the room. Books were falling off the wall and people were still running and screaming, all but one Hispanic boy that was sitting a t table watching the abnormal event as if it was a normal sight.
“Step back, you need to get into the café, I’ll stay here with them you kids need to get to safety the chandelier might not hold for much longer.” Solara Yelled at them.  They all looked at each other and back to Solara.  “We’re not going anywhere”, Demitri said.  “I’m not leaving my sister,” Devon responded. Solara grunted but gave into their words.   I can’t blame them I wouldn’t leave if it were me either.  But if this is what I think it is, the trouble is just beginning”
Solara grabbed Kai and Belle’s hands. The ground began to shake violently.  “Oh my God”, Fox yelled ass pieces of the chandelier started to hit the ground.  The lights in the room began to flicker and shut off.  “Demitri and Kiyren pull Kai we need to get these two…” Solara’s words were cut off as she was thrown to the ground.  One of the tables slid into her knocking her out.  There was a flash in the room. Lighting hit the building.  The charge was streaming through the walls. 
“KAI!” Demitri yelled. 
Kai gasped releasing Belle as his eyes went back to normal.  The abruptly release caused them all to fall to the ground.  Kai was staring at Belle.  She was staring at him also.  “Kai are you ok?” Demitri yelled over the wind and crashing sounds of books and furniture.  Kai looked up.
“Move!” he yelled.  The chandelier was falling.  Everyone scurried toward the other side of the room, Demitri was pulling Solara with him.  The wind started to die down.  Within five minutes the ground stopped shaking and the sun was blazing bright outside.
People were exiting the Café looking a the destruction the freak storm had caused.  Belle was still staring at Kai.  Kai looked down at Solara, raising her head.  “Solara?  Solara are you ok?” he asked.  She stirred, moaning as her eye opened.  Solara sat up.  It took her a minute before she started talking. “Are you kids ok?”  “Yes” they responded.   “Good, ok I have to Go to the A.T. and call for emergency services, I will check on you all later on.  Go up to your rooms.”   Solara got up and ran out of the front doors of Conlin Hall glancing at the Hispanic boy that was still sitting at one of the tables.
The stood up, visibly stirred by what happened.  Kai and Belle slightly staggered as if they were going to pass out.  Kiyren caught Kai “Are you ok? Can you walk?”  “Yes I’m fine” he said.
 Kai's eyes flashed toward Belle then her ring.  He thought, did it flash.  It can't have.  They staggered again.  Demitri caught Kai the same time Devon caught Belle. 
“Are you guys sure you’re ok?” Kiyren asked looking between the both of them. 
Kai glanced at Belle expecting to see the fear and confusion that was surely on his face, but he didn't see him self in her face.  Belle looked even surlier than before. 
“Get off of me Devon” Belle yelled pushing Devon to the ground.  She swayed slightly before storming off through the door at the end of the hall. “I'll talk to you later Kiyren” Fox said before she ran after Belle.  “Bye!”
Kai helped Devon off of the floor.  “Are you okay?” Kai asked. “What's with your damn sister?” Demitri asked as Kai let go of Devon. “I'm sorry about that I'll see you later Kai” Devon said kissing Kai's cheek then running after Fox. 
Kai staggered swaying with a goofy look on his face.  “Kai are you ok?” Demitri asked concerned. He heard Kiyren laughing hysterically.
Kiyren looked amused.  “What's so funny?” Demitri asked her. “He's got wood lol, day one and he already has a crush just like me.” Kiyren responded.  Kai fixed himself as he started to blush.  “
Kai looked at them then steadied himself. 
“I'm fine let's just go unpack.” 
            They got their bags out of the debris and headed to the elevators.  It only took a second for the elevator doors to open.  They all got on and pressed the numbers of their prospective floors, 4 and 5.  Kai locked eyes with the guy that was sitting at the table as the elevator doors closed.
Kiyren was talking openly about how cute Fox was and how much she didn't like Belle already.  “And did you see that ring she was wearing; she has to have money because that damn sure wasn't a fake stone.” She said whilst Demitri was talking bout how big a bitch Belle was.  “If I were a girl I would have kicked her ass, for real.” He said boldly with Kiyren's approval of the statement.  Absentmindedly Kai said in a dead tone, “It was intriguing though, almost magical.” 
Kai wasn't paying them much attention; he was too engulfed in his thoughts of what happened. 
What were those images that I saw?  What exactly happened to me?  Did Belle see anything?
Kai was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed that Kiyren had got off on her floor and that he and Demitri were standing outside the door of their apartment. 
“Kai” Demitri said snapping his fingers in his face “Snap out of it.  What's wrong with you?”  Kai shook his head, trying to act normal. 

“I'm ok D just open the door please, I think I should lie down.

Chapter 3 Coming Soon...