Friday, August 30, 2013

Ruins of Creation: Chapter 3 (Part 1)

Ruins of Creation   

Chapter 3
Dreams or Reality

            They entered into the foyer of the apartment, which was aligned with two tables full of white and yellow roses, lilies, and orchids.  Kai’s eyes were fixed on the portrait above a rather large bouquet of roses spotted with bright Day Lilies. 
He was intrigued.   Hmm.
Demitri took Kai's suitcases and walked ahead towards the living room at the end of the hall. 
The family immortalized in portraiture hmmm, Kai thought.  He stared at the painted versions of himself and Demitri sitting side by side with their parents on either side of them.  They looked powerful, a strong black immaculate dynasty.  Absentmindedly Kai took his Blackberry out of his pocket.
Hey mother, we arrived safely.  Charles is on his way back and we’ve already made some new friends. Love you; tell father, aunt and uncle hi for us. Ttyl.
            Kai closed the open door behind him, as he began observing their new home.
  He noticed that the maple hardwood floors stretched into the living room.  This is nice.  I mean I’m not going to complain, I could always redecorate.  It was a standard living space.  There was a red sofa, and loveseat on either side of a glass coffee table that sat on top of a shaggy white area rug.
Light was violently bursting through the two bay windows straight ahead.  Although they were slightly hidden by the 72-inch DLP television that sat there the light was explosive. Kai was squinting as he walked over to the windows to draw the three layers of shear curtains.  What good is this?  We need some real curtains.
            Demitri returned out of one of the two doors, positioned to the left side of the living room.  “Are you hungry?  I am.”
            Before Kai could respond Demitri walked towards the kitchen.  Kai turned to the right and followed him.  The kitchen was a nice size; you would be able to fit six people in it comfortably.  There were mahogany cabinets, and all of the appliances were stainless steel including the dishwasher.  “Dishwasher Oogie, no soggy hands” Demitri said as he smiled.
            Demitri looked inside of the refrigerator, an expression of exasperation flitted across his face.  “What’s wrong Snook?”  Kai peered over his shoulder to see that the refrigerator was completely stocked with food and drinks.  They opened the cabinets to find that there was more food, plates, bowls, glasses, and utensils.  Everything they would need was already there.
            “I swear they don’t let us do anything for ourselves. Damn, ugh. I'm going to make some fried chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, and broccoli,” Demitri said to Kai as he closed the refrigerator doors with chicken and broccoli in his arms.  “By the way I invited Kiyren over for dinner. She’s cool a little weird but I like her.  Don’t you?”
Kai was distracted, “Uh huh. Whatever.”
Demitri stared at Kai, Whateva my ass! He thought. 
“When you're ready to tell me what's wrong with you, you know where to find me.”
            Kai nodded distracted by his thoughts of what happened between him and Belle. 
His head shot up as he heard their front door open. Didn’t I close the door?  I know I did. Did I lock it? He thought.  His heart began to beat abnormally faster.  Demitri looked at Kai’s chest.  Kai looked at him puzzled can he hear my heart too?  Their eyes met quickly when they heard a floorboard creak. 
Kai and Demitri nodded at each other before Kai started walking into the living room.  Demitri picked up his chef's knife before walking behind Kai to see who came in. 
            Kai walked into the archway that connected the living room with the foyer with Demitri by his side, knife tightly gripped in his right hand. 
A man in a black suit was standing there quite resilient, almost regally professional.
            “Who are you?” Kai asked looking him over.  He’s clean.  Prada shoes. Fake Cartier watch.  Who is this character?
            The man stepped further into the foyer.  As he moved closer the boys stepped back making sure to keep enough distance between them.  Kai inconspicuously picked up a silver letter opener of off the desk that was hidden behind the wall to his left and concealed it in his right hand.  
            “Hello Mr. Donovan, Mr. Jones.  I’ve been awaiting your arrival.”  The man reached into his inner jacket pocket.  The letter opener missed the man’s ear by half an inch and was now lodged into the frame of the door.  Demitri looked at Kai in disbelief.  “What are you doing Kai?” Demitri yelled.  Kai dismissed the question.  The man gasped.
“Who are you? By the way I won’t miss next time,” Kai said looking down at that man who was now on his knees.
The now stuttering man replied waving a letter at them; “ I, I,  I'm Jake um Jacob sir; Solara sent me to check on you to see if you were hurt in the earthquake, and I shall be your butler for the remainder of your stay.  Whatever you need I…”
            Before Jacob could finished Demitri cut him off finally back to his normal self,  “We are both fine and we don't need a butler Jacob, you are relieved of your duties.” Then he turned and walked back into the kitchen.  “Escort him out Kai.”
            “Sirs, I'm sorry to be a bother and to have frightened you but I was assigned to the both of you” Jacob said stepping towards Kai.
            Kai walked towards him, Jacob flinched as he approached him.  “You’ve been relieved of your duties please leave, now.” Kai led Jacob towards the open door.  “We will not be needing your services. Goodbye.”
Jacob walked out of the door without a word still visibly shaken up.  Kai was attempting to close the door behind him but it was blocked.

            “Ouch” Kiyren screamed.

            Kai quickly opened the door, looking at her pained face.  “Sorry, come in, I didn't see you.” Kai wrenched the letter opener out of the doorframe and placed it on the table as he closed the door.
            Kiyren walked in apparently almost over the initial shock and pain.  “What happened?” she asked staring at the letter opener on the table.  Kai smirked as he walked past her into the living room, “Nothing just a little misunderstanding. Sorry about the door by the way.”  She followed him taking in the beautiful apartment “No problem babe.  Was that your butler?” 

            Kai turned around to face her, “Not anymore we just fired him.  Didn’t we D.” They mimed a kiss to each other.

            “Sure did.  Hey Kiyren  ” he smiled as he was cutting up the chicken in the kitchen.

            “Hey boo.  Why would y’all do that, I would love to have a personal servant.  I can totally be lazy at times.  Sometimes I wish I had someone to do stuff for me.  So what are you guys rich or something?” she inquired as she looked around their gorgeous apartment.
            Kai shifted uncomfortably saying, “We prefer doing things on our own.  Besides we're not into modern day slavery.  Um, I'm going to lay down for a bit.  I’ll see you two in a bit.”

            “Ok” she said.

            Demitri walked out of the kitchen, drying off his hands; “are you okay?” he looked very paternal.  “I’m fine D, just a little tired, See you in a few.” Kai said.
            Demitri turned to Kiyren, “Well hey bitch how’s it goin’?”  Kiyren and Demitri burst into laughter as they walked into the kitchen.
            “Do you want some wine?” Demitri asked.  “White please” she said.  Demitri poured both of them a glass as Kiyren began speaking animatedly as she picked up a slice of extra sharp Cracker Barrel cheddar cheese.  “So I met another rainbow.  She lives across the hall from me.  She’s cute too.  I would sooo do her yes I would but I don’t mess around with bisexuals.  Something about them is so off putting to me but she’s cool.  She helped me set up my room.” She bit off a piece of cheese as Demitri poured a box of macaroni into a pot of boiling water.  Mmm bisexual huh. He thought.
            “What’s her name?” he inquired.
            “Dana”, she replied.
            Dana hmm, he thought.


            Kai walked into the first bedroom to the left.  It was obvious that Demitri claimed this room. All of his things were already unpacked and organized in this nice sized room.  Kai closed the door and went into the next room. 
            He's so sweet.  That's why he's my best friend. Kai thought as he looked around his own bedroom.  Demitri had set up all of his things while he was checking out their place. 

To Be Continued...